Cut It Down. Grind It Up. Spread It Around.

Repurpose vegetation with forestry mulching services in the Cold Spring & Alexandria, KY area

Some land clearing companies leave behind a mess, but Patriot LAND Management turns underbrush into mulch to fertilize the soil. Our eco-friendly forestry mulching services allow landowners in the Cold Spring & Alexandria, KY area to enhance their properties, resulting in higher resale values.

Although we primarily serve homeowners, we do offer commercial forestry mulching services. Call 859-415-5568 now for details.

From an untamed jungle to prime real estate

An overgrown wooded lot can become fertile land in no time with the help of residential or commercial forestry mulching specialist in the Cold Spring & Alexandria, KY area. Our skilled crew will use a skid steer with specialty attachments to...

  • Uproot grass and weeds
  • Cut down trees and shrubs
  • Shred the remains into mulch

Expert forestry mulching services are surprisingly affordable. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate.